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Streamline Marketing, Booking and Telehealing in one smart solution.

FREE features included with every practitioner account.

Your Heallist page is your digital storefront

Imagine creating your dream professional looking website in just a few clicks. Heallist pages are free and tailor-made for healers: they show off your experience, education, modalities, locations and services.

Use your Heallist page as your link-in-bio. Share your Heallist page with potential clients to help them understand who you are and what you can do for them. Your Heallist page will supplement and support existing channels and help build your online presence so people can find you more easily.


Update your menu of services at any time

Did you wake up this morning with an idea to offer a new type of class, workshop or session? Just add it to your Services menu, share with your network and watch the bookings roll in.

Choose a price, length, time slots, add a description and post it with one click. Your services can be offered both virtually or as in-person sessions at a chosen location, 1:1 or group - you define the number of spots available. The potential is unlimited!


Get listed in our online network directory

The most powerful Heallist feature is our online network. We believe in the power of the collective field and our vision is to connect practitioners from all parts of the world in one place. Together we can raise the frequency and heal the world!

The Heallist network spans all modalities and is open for anyone who considers themselves a healer and has the professional credentials to do this work. Once you’ve created your free Heallist account and filled out all profile details, you’re automatically considered for inclusion, completely free of charge.

Create connections & network with your peers

Heallist's Connections feature revolutionizes the professional landscape for practitioners by providing a centralized platform for seamless connection, referrals, and knowledge exchange. Practitioners can effortlessly connect with their peers, fostering a robust community where collaboration and information sharing thrive. The platform allows users to follow and be followed, creating a dynamic network that transcends geographical boundaries. By offering a consolidated space to keep track of client connections, Heallist ensures practitioners stay organized and can nurture their professional relationships effectively.

Premium features included in our subscription plans.

Manage all your bookings with online scheduling

Forget handwritten journals that get lost and endless text messages confirming appointments. Heallist keeps track of all your appointments in one place. Simply set up your working hours, or add time slots for specific sessions.

Your clients can see your availability in real time, schedule in one click and get auto reminders before each appointment. The booking system is part of our Empowered monthly subscription package, and you can try it for free.


Chat with your clients and respond to inquiries

Keep your communication channels open and accessible to the community. Once you create your Heallist page, people can easily message you about your services. All new client inquiries and existing client communications are kept in one place to keep your practice organized. You’ll be notified via email on any new messages and inquiries.


Seamlessly process client payments online

Heallist makes it easy for you to get paid for your services. Your clients simply book and pay online - Heallist processes the payment and deposits the money directly into your account. There is no need for you to share your payment information with clients.

Heallist uses Stripe, a leading digital payments provider, so you will need a Stripe account to enjoy this feature. The Stripe account is free* and Heallist takes NO transaction fees on top of standard Stripe fees of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.


Extend your reach with Telehealing

Do you want to offer your holistic healing services to people from all corners of the world? With the video calling platform seamlessly integrated into your Heallist account, you can connect with your clients no matter where they are. Plus, you won't have to worry about any hidden usage fees or creating accounts on other platforms. Our Telehealing tool is included in our Empowered monthly subscription package and you can try it out for FREE today.


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