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Healers Circle Hudson Valley

Local community gathering

Valley Spirit 36 Mason Circle Beacon NY | Hosted by Roya Darling

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Join us on the Spring Equinox day for an evening of connection and growth at the next local Healers Circle. Connect with members of the holistic community in person at the beautiful Valley Spirit Wellness Center in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Beacon, NY. Our mission is to unite holistic practitioners of all modalities from our community, fostering genuine relationships and referral networks while exploring enriching themes of business growth and prosperity. Prepare for an evening filled with inspiration, connection, and practical insights, facilitated by Roya Darling.

This Circle will also feature a special short practice of Cathartic Movement, led by Hana Ramat. Hana will guide us in accessing and releasing stuck emotions through movement.

Event Highlights:

Opening Ceremony & Intention Setting: We’ll start the evening with a heart-opening ceremony and a group healing practice that will set the intention for our collective experience.

Topic of Exploration: Stepping into our power: At the heart of this Spring Equinox event in our series lies the exploration of Healer's personal power and the responsibility that comes with it.

Circle Shares: Share your own  blocks and limiting beliefs, and receive support from the group to release what's holding you back.

Circle Closing: We’ll close with a short meditation to reflect on experiences, set intentions for the future, and solidify the connections made.

Networking Hour: Connect with like-hearted practitioners during our networking hour. Enjoy light snacks and beverages, and engage in conversations that lead to meaningful relationships.

NOTE: This event is free of charge and exclusively open to holistic practitioners of all modalities. Limited capacity, so secure your spot early to guarantee entry.

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